Michelle Schott: Graphic Designer, Prepress Manager, Production Artist, Illustrator, Teacher, Project Manager, and Problem Solver. Put 10 years of experience in the printing industry to work for you.

After earning her Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Michelle honed her craft as a print production artist and Prepress Manager at Delta Graphics, a commercial offset printer of the highest caliber located in Santa Monica, California. She calls her time at Delta her "post graduate education." From the moment a job came in the door until the plates were delivered to the pressmen, Michelle was all things prepress.

Since that time she has been employed as a staff designer, production artist, freelance designer, and university instructor. Michelle's visual repertoire includes stationery, packaging and other printed communication design, head shot production, website development, illustration, and flash animation.

"Graphic design is communication. Successful design is the visual representation of your message conveyed with clarity and desired emotion to your unique audience." - Michelle Schott